Drum and Dance Cultural Workshops for Schools

African Vibes Presents…..
Drumming and Dance Workshops

Yacou Mbaye, the creator and director of African Vibes, is a leading West African percussionist, performer & dancer. Originally from Senegal, now based in Sydney, Yacou comes from a long line of performers, both musicians and dancers, and has been performing since the age of 6.

Yacou is dedicated to preserving and sharing his culture with people all around the globe, and to teaching the rhythms and music of West Africa to the people of Australia.

School Shows and Workshops

Yacou is passionate about sharing the culture and music of his ancestors with the next generation. He has toured and taught at schools across Australia, and is often invited back for regular gigs.

Yacou is an experienced teacher, with a warm and engaging style. His relaxed and friendly manner appeals to students of all ages from Kindergarten through to Year 12. His workshops are dynamic, interactive, and educational, making him a popular and professional facilitator of both drum and dance workshops.

Drums and percussion instruments are provided. All participants have the opportunity to drum and / or dance. Yacou actively engages the children, building their confidence as they learn and retain increasingly complex rhythms and patterns. By the end they feel joyous and inspired, with a renewed interest in music and learning.

What African Vibes Offers

See examples of Yacou’s most recent school tours, and the benefits of music for stimulating learning.

African Vibes offers a variety of workshops and performance packages , catering for both primary and high schools.

Our most popular school packages are listed below. Please note that Yacou is willing to work with the school’s curriculum, needs and budget to negotiate the most suitable program for your students:

1. Drum or Dance Workshops
50 minutes – 70 students per workshop. Drums provided for all students.

2. Drum & Dance Workshop – two Facilitators
60 mins – maximum 150 students per workshop Drums provided for up to 70 students at a time.

3. African Vibes Drum & Dance School Show
This 30 minute spectacular showcasing of traditional drum and dance is an ideal finale to finish the workshops, or a dynamic stand alone show popular for school events, cultural days, and music programs.

Yacou is available for all day bookings.